Dels Nursery

Bulbs & Plants

bulbs, plants & flowers at del's nursery

We stock seasonal Bulbs at Dels Nursery such as Daffodils, Tulips and Alliums, alongside these we sell bulb planters, fibre/compost and other tools such as long handled hand trowels for easy planting. We are able to advise on where to plant, when to plant and how to plant, for example to bring prepared hyacinths on for Christmas, plant in desired pot or in the ground and cover with straw or keep in a dark place.

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We stock a large selection of Perennials such as Aquilegia, Lupin, Delphinium, Verbascum, Aubretia, Garden Pinks (Carnations) and much much more! All of our staff are able to assist with how to look after the perennials we have in stock and also how to get the best show from them throughout the summer, for example, Verbascum can be cut back after the first flowers have finished and they will shoot more buds and continue to flower, once in November you will be able to remove the plant from the ground and split it into 2 or more plants (depending on its current size) and re-plant in the garden or into pots/containers.

We stock seasonal summer bedding which includes Begonia, Impatiens (Busy Lizzie), Marigolds, Lobelia and much more! At Dels Nursery we offer a planting service (charges apply) and therefore our customers are able to leave their hanging baskets with us to plant as a mixture or to the customer’s preference,.

We also stock the relevant plant foods and fertilisers to retain beautiful plants all year round!