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gardening tools & products

At Dels Nursery we stock a large range of tools made by Kingfisher, we stock two types, the cheaper gardening tools and also the more expensive platinum edition tools, we cater for everyone.

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The tools include, Spade, Forks, Border tools such a Edging Irons, Shears and Border forks and Spades (Slightly smaller than the ordinary to ensure neater and more precise marking out)

We also stock DIY tools such as Wrench sets, Hammers, Paintbrushes, Screws, Staples, Sledge Hammers, Dust Masks and much much more!

Dels Nursery have a large selection of hose pipe, fittings and accessories. We also stock Fence Panels and Trellis which we are proud to make on site! We stock plant supports/frames and also wire and plastic mesh for protection or as a growing aid for plants.

We stock small and large tubs of plant foods including, bonemeal, fish blood and bone and growmore, plus many other foods for specialist items such as hydrangeas and orchids.

We stock seeds from Mr Fothergills and are proud of our extensive range!